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Resilient Flooring Suppliers

National Decor specializes in commercial, industrial and institutional floor coverings. Having undertaken a number of large-scale projects, as well as smaller projects that required particular attention to detail, our vision is to offer our clients a service that puts our expertise forward, in a seamless way and that respects your budget.

According to several factors, such as: your budget, your space and its usefulness, the size of the rooms, the desired style, etc. We can advise you on the type of flooring that suits you the most.

Resilient floor coverings are highly versatile as they can easily reproduce any surface, finish and color. From geometric patterns to natural finishes like wood or stone, the possibilities are endless. They are also very easy to maintain and very affordable.

Flexible and warm, they provide unequalled comfort. They even offer some acoustic insulation by attenuating the footsteps and all other impacts on the ground.

They are ideal for areas with heavy traffic, as they are perfectly resistant to scratches. Their long life is a valuable asset for commercial spaces. Given all these advantages, the biggest challenge will likely be to choose from the wide range of products offered by our suppliers.

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