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Carpet and Carpet Tile Suppliers

National Decor specializes in commercial flooring solutions for a variety of customers such as contractors, business owners, architects, interior design firms or project consultants.

Several elements such as the budget, the style sought and the function of the rooms are to be considered in the creation of a new space. Always with the aim of offering you the innovative products of the industry and impeccable customer service, we will help you to find the ideal floor that meets your needs and requirements.

We have various suppliers of carpet and carpet tiles that will allow you to choose from a big selection. Carpets are available in many styles, textures and colours, it is undoubtedly a floor covering that play the role of decorative element while remaining functional. They can also help to reduce heating and air conditioning costs because of their natural insulation properties.

For all budgets and for all tastes, the carpets are extremely prevalent and will allow you to create a conventional or modern decor.

Our suppliers :

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