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Starnet Worldwide Commercial Flooring 2018 Design Awards

May 2nd, 2018

Starnet Commercial Flooring announced the winners of the 20th Annual Starnet Design Awards. Each year, the awards celebrate the partnerships between Starnet Members, vendor partners and the A&D community in delivering successful commercial flooring experiences.

"This year’s winning projects are a testament to the power of collaboration and partnership in the floorcovering industry," said Jeanne Matson, president and CEO of Starnet Worldwide Commercial Flooring Partnership. "The true value of Starnet is not only the finished work, but new and strengthened relationships that are driving our industry forward from a design and installation perspective."

Grand Prize Winner | Gold in Unique Installation Challenge | Silver in People’s Choice 
The 2018 Grand Prize was presented to Starnet Member National Decor Inc. for its work on the Canadian History Hall at the Canadian Museum of History.

The reinvented space covers 40,000 square feet and opened to the public in concert with Canada’s 150th anniversary. Designers used different colors and floorcovering materials to direct guests throughout the exhibit. Installation experts used two dozen full scale templates in heavy paper to create the inset paths and account for subfloor access panels.

"This is a challenging installation in terms of scope, size and complexity," said Design Awards judge Paul Lewandowski. "From free-flowing shapes to few reference points for the installation team, the technical aspects are off the charts. The finished project creates a compelling and interesting visual design that helps tell the rich history of Canada."

Fellow Design Awards judge Robert Varden echoed Lewandowski’s sentiments saying, "The amount of work and dedication here is commendable. The entire templating process must get architectural approval, and the heavy graph paper is difficult to perfect in small spaces, let alone across 40,000 square feet of a museum."

The Canadian History Hall at the Canadian Museum of History was not only popular with the judges, but with its peers as well, earning a Silver in the People’s Choice category.

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Starnet Worldwide Commercial Flooring 2018 Design Awards

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