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Polyflor on the Fashion Runway at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Carriageworks, Sydney Nsw.

October 30th, 2017

Polyflor is a trusted supplier all over the world and one of their vinyl flooring, Expona SimpLay, was showcased in Sydney NSW on the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week runway.

As the Daniel Avakian show required flooring that could be installed quickly and removed easily without causing any damage to the existing flooring, the product was appropriated for the event. Daniel Avakian’s postmodern sixties style collection is themed ‘’Transcendence’’, so the product named ‘Natural rustic pine 2514’ was selected as it provides a raw wood and natural look.

This product was precisely designed for fast installation without using adhesives, which makes it easily removable and doesn’t leave any residue. Being chosen for this type of venue is visibly a sign of trust, as it needs to answer many criterias such as: performance, durability, safety and easy installation/removal.

Visibly, their flooring is trusted everywhere, whether it is in the commercial or residential area. Their focus in product development is always on reducing the environmental impact on their operations and providing products that are durable, reliable, easily maintainable and safely disposable. National Decor and Polyflor share the same values, as they are both quality-driven companies. Polyflor is trusted because you do not have to compromise by choosing between quality and sustainability.

National Decor is proud to offer good quality products such as Polyflor, and our level of expertise makes us the leader in Ottawa for commercial flooring. One of our strengths is our experience in a large variety of projects that need a greater attention to details or with tight timelines. We provide service, expertise and experience to our clients and projects.

Polyflor on the Fashion Runway at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Carriageworks, Sydney Nsw.

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